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What does the future look like? I asked myself that a lot as a kid.

I grew up in a new house on the edge of undeveloped land, and watched a countryside of dry creeks and eucalyptus trees gradually give way to more housing tracts, industrial parks and shopping centers. Construction sites were curiosities at first, filled with puzzling artifacts, restless topographies and graffiti-like symbols. They became my playgrounds. Since then, I’ve been drawn to things that are in transition; to raw materials waiting to be organized, and then crafted into something tangible and meaningful.

I believe that the best work starts with asking the right questions, then combines actionable insights with imagination, and an openness to new ideas. Based on this approach, I’ve led the design of award-winning digital products for a range of platforms, and helped businesses develop authentic customer relationships through engaging content, storytelling, and unique brand experiences that bridge the real and virtual worlds.

Before my career in design, I studied architecture and film production, graduating with a master’s degree in Film from UCLA, and later teaching at USC. Architecture taught me how people navigate and interact with spaces, as well as an iterative design process. Filmmaking taught me the art of storytelling, and how to use both vertical and lateral thinking when solving complex creative problems. It also taught me the value of understanding people’s motivations; the foundation for an effective customer experience strategy, and good user experience design.